The attractive advantages of Yihua to talents—talents are the most important strategic resources.
Yihua is not only a lead enterprise in Shantou but also a bellwether in the industry. The diversified business and stable environment provide talents with a promising development prospect. A sound management system, excellent office environment and rich enterprise culture provide the talents with a worry-free life and strong sense of belonging.
Specifically, how to understand this point of retaining talent by salary, treatment, career, environment, cultural and emotional?
Retain talents with good compensation, sound environment and excellent culture.
A sound compensation system and working environment help employees work without trouble; Talents in Yihua can live a happy life by being helped to make career plans and realize their dreams and values.
Competitive salary and welfare system:
Yihua constructs a sound salary system which includes base pay, travel allowance and telecommunication allowance. Five insurance provided by Yihua which includes endowment insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance and medical insurance is comprehensive as well. Besides, Yihua provides benefits of cars, houses, chance of promotion, international insurance and so on. As for non-local employees, Yihua help their children with the education issue and help their couple with the employment problem. The ideas of"Live peacefully, work delightfully" and "Work decently, live in dignity" perfectly interpret Yihua's concept of attracting talents with excellent salary and welfare.
Advanced office environment & factory infrastructure:
Unified brand new suites dorm; Company has canteen, rich, health, nutrition, health food and spacious dining environment; superior accommodation environment, healthy and rich dining conditions, clean and spacious working environment ( clean and full automation workshop; independent suites and supporting a couple dormitory room; first-class office facilities, library, sports field excellent, greening, fitness area, cultural corridor and other facilities).
Advanced and normative management system & High-efficient internal operation flow:
The enterprise spiritual atmosphere should keep up with the sound physical working environment. In order to promote the management system and operation process. From the prospective of innovation, study and distribution, Yihua advocates "strong capability, good personality, rich knowledge, sound management, high technology, broad marketing and excellent skill". The HRM (Human Resource Management) of Yihua is multiple and comprehensive. Transversally, our HR system refers to different types of employees including administrative personnel, auxiliary personnel and front-line workers. Longitudinally, Yihua's HR system refers to different post grades including senior executives, middle managers and senior technical staffs, first-line manager and middle technical staff, general administrative personnel and technician. All the institution is involved with every different staff. No employee would be missed. This is what we call "people-oriented service".
Promising development and promotion prospect:
Encourage and guide employees to make a better career plan; Help staffs set clear target; Make employees work with passion and energy; Link the staffs and company tightly;
Wholesome training system:
Enclosed induction training week for new staffs; Tutorial system for new employees; Study incentive system; Skills training; Special-topic-training for managers; Training for investigation abroad; Yihua formulates a motivated system for learning. For whom in-service get a degree title for technical personnel, Yihua gives bonus to them as an award. Moreover, Yihua selects outstanding employees and extends financial help to them for master education. By advocating an advanced concept of "Innovative Yihua, intellectual Yihua", Yihua retains outstanding non-local technical personnel.
User-friendly enterprise culture:
Core value: dedication & hard working & pragmatic & innovative Development goal: "Happy Yihua, peaceful Yihua, restful Yihua" Yihua Charity Foundation, Youth volunteers association, different solatium…… Colorful culture activity: Spring Festival Party, Mid-autumn evening, department fellowship party, basketball game, tug-of-war competition…… Plenty of monthly presents: tea, dessert, birthday gifts…… Good salary and welfare is one of the reasons that Yihua can keep talents. The most important point is that Yihua offers a well environment for his employees to realize their life value. The concept of "respecting talents and labor" is the magic bean of Yihua to keep the loss rate of human resources under 3%.
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